Eight Tips to Ease Fears of The Dentist

“We cater to cowards.” Perhaps you’ve seen these words on a poster in your dentist’s office. Dentists are aware of just how daunting and frightening a trip to the dentist can be for many people. Recent studies by the University of Washington and the Columbia Dental School found that roughly half of all Americans don’t visit the dentist out of fear. This means that about 30 to 40 million people avoid seeing a dentist every year. However, there is good news for those who dread a routine visit to the dentist. With the growing prevalence of tooth decay, oral cancer and gum disease, neglecting your dental health is an endangerment not only to your teeth, but also to the health of the rest of your body. Not many people realize that the tissue and nerves found in your mouth are connected to other parts of the body. Blood that makes its way to … [Read more...]

Study Shows First Impressions Negative for Crooked Teeth

A recent study by Kelton Research has shown that Americans form shockingly negative first impressions when meeting others with crooked teeth. The in-depth study involved more than 1,000 participants, who were asked to respond to photos of people with crooked and straight teeth, unaware that teeth were the focus of the study. Their answers revealed powerful stigma across all areas of interaction, including business, love, trustworthiness, and success. "Many people tend to focus on fixing the things about themselves they think will have the biggest impact, often overlooking one of the most impressionable physical attributes like their teeth," in the words of the senior vice president of business development at Align Technology, Timothy A. Mack. Align Technology is the maker of Invisalign. "We live in a society where looking good heavily … [Read more...]

Ronald McDonald House to Sponsor Children’s Dental Health

In a controversial move, the Ronald McDonald House is now taking over the public charity work of children's dental health in some of the poorest areas of New Zealand. Through the use of a heavily branded mobile dental van, the schools of the South Aukland district of New Zealand will recieve free access to a variety of dental health options to improve oral health and awareness. These vans from the Ronald McDonald House have been used throughout the world for this purpose. This $500,000 van from the Ronald McDonald House represents the second of these vans to be accepted by the country of New Zealand in seven years. This makes them the only country in the world other than the US to have two of these dental health charity vans. This story is covered in detail through a recent article in the New Zealand Herald. Benefits for New Zealand … [Read more...]

Does Your Dentist Have School Cred?

Take a look on the wall in any dentist’s office and you’ll probably spy some nicely matted and framed credentials. Along with the title of “Doctor,” many have accrued an assortment of acronyms trailing their names. But, what do they all mean and should consumers care? In the field of dentistry, credentials, experience and ongoing education matter a great deal – as do the honest opinions of satisfied dental patients with healthy, pain-free and attractive smiles! Every consumer should know who their dentist is, where he or she went to school, and their level of experience. Your dental office’s website is a good place to start looking. Just find the “About” tab on the page menu and click to open. Or, check out the pictures in the dentist’s “Before and After” photo gallery. The “Before” pictures will show patients with overbites, … [Read more...]