Porcelain Veneers: Grinding vs. No-Grinding

The Value of Tooth Enamel The tooth enamel is the only part of your teeth that you can see. It is white, resident to decay, and incredibly hard. In fact, it is the hardest substance in your body, harder then even your strongest bones. The enamel of your teeth is made up of 96% minerals, which contributes to its hardness and makes it such an effective tool for ripping and chewing food. Enamel comes in a range of colors, from pearly white to tarnished yellow. In some areas of the tooth, it can even take on a slightly bluish tint. This is a result of the semitranslucent nature of the enamel, which allows the tissue underneath to show through slightly, particularly where the enamel is the thinnest. The thinnest sections of teeth enamel are where the teeth meet the gums, and the thickest layer is cusp, or chewing surface. What's Important … [Read more...]

Dental Plaque Buildup May Increase Your Cancer Risk

A recent study shows that poor dental hygiene may negatively affect more than just your breath and your social life. Researchers in Sweden have found a strong link between the build-up of dental plaque and an increased risk of cancer and early death. These findings were reported in a recent article in MedPage Today. Healthy adults who developed dental plaque build-up were found to be 79% more likely to die prematurely. Surprisingly, this made dental plaque one of the strongest indicators of increased risk of premature death found in the study. Healthy Swedes Used in 24-Year Scandinavian Study This Swedish and Finnish-funded study involved 1,390 healthy Swedish adults. These participants were randomly selected, between 30-40 years in age, and free of periodontitis, or gum disease. The study was designed to test the same few variables … [Read more...]