Straight Teeth Can Improve Oral Health

straight-teethWhile straightening your teeth may strike many patients as a primarily aesthetic concern, it may actually have a dramatic effect on your long-term oral health, preventing a number of difficulties down the road that often result due to improper tooth position. In a recent MarketWire press release, dentists Edward Romano and Matthew Vaccaro discuss some of the distinct benefits of straight teeth for the oral health of their patients. This may mean that by correcting a bothersome problem or dental issue, patients are receiving a double benefit of improved health over the long term.

The Long-Term Effects of Straightened Teeth

Some of the most common alignment issues faced by patients include teeth that are crooked or turned, crowded too close together or far apart, and those that are causing pain due to their positions. There are a number of ways that these conditions may be treated effectively in such a way as to provide long-term health benefits for the mouth. Properly aligned teeth put less strain on the jaw and the muscles of the face. This proper alignment can help to prevent headaches, muscle pain, and neck pain that can radiate throughout the entire body.

Proper tooth alignment will also have an effect on dental hygiene, as straight teeth are easier to keep clean. In fact, straight teeth are naturally self-cleaning, and will help regulate the mouth, promoting healthy gums. This improved hygiene helps stave off long-term issues such as gum disease, tooth decay and more serious structural issues.

Ways to Adjust the Position of Your Teeth

For those concerned about the position of their teeth for any number of reasons, cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of options that can be tailored to solve various types of dental problems on any budget. These options may include solutions on an individual tooth basis, such as crowns or dental implants, or on a larger scale, including aligning systems, braces and full sets of dental implants. These alignment systems are available with high amounts of customization, to give each patient the personalized care they need. Various aspects of these procedures may be adjusted to properly balance cost, effectiveness and results.

One crucial aspect of these treatment methods is proper scheduling. Having your alignment done during a convenient time period is an excellent way to avoid weddings, graduations and other major events. According to Dr. Romano, these procedures vary according to each patient’s needs: “Most people choose to do Invisalign® versus other procedures such as porcelain veneers because they see it as an option that is less costly and more conservative. Additionally, we usually don’t have to remove any part of the tooth enamel with Invisalign®. We always inform patients that traditional orthodontics are no different than Invisalign® when considering the amount of time it takes to see results. If the process will take a year and a half with traditional braces, it will take a year and a half with Invisalign®.”

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